May 1, 2019

Lake Junaluska, NC

Intentional Growth Center Welcomes New Chief Ministry Officer

IGC Places Renewed Focus on Ministry Excellence

The Intentional Growth Center (IGC) is thrilled to announce that Claude Kayler, M.Div., will be joining the organization on May 1, 2019 to serve as the Chief Ministry Officer. This newly-created position is tasked with doing needed research, building relationships with key leaders across the Southeastern Jurisdiction, and identifying programmatic options that will result in renewed ministry which meets the mission of the IGC.

Claude brings over 30 years of ministry experience to IGC and a passion for Christian leadership. He is skilled in cross-cultural relationship building and communication as well as stewardship and fundraising in the local church, assets which will be highly valuable to his role as Chief Ministry Officer. In this role, Claude plans to work with IGC’s key leadership to address the unique needs of church leaders by building relationships throughout the Southeastern Jurisdiction, conducting in-depth research to identify key areas to carry out the mission of IGC, and leading the Board in planning and execution of solutions to address these key areas.

To learn more about Claude’s previous ministry success and how he plans to engage within the UMC to drive ministry excellence, contact the Intentional Growth Center at 800-482-1442 or For more information about IGC’s leadership, visit our website at and stay up-to-date with IGC news by subscribing to our e-newsletter and following the Intentional Growth Center on Facebook.