Capital Campaign Readiness Assessment

Capital campaigns are pivotal moments in a congregation's life. Whether your congregation is renovating, expanding, or building for the first time, a readiness assessment helps to clarify vision, assess the congregation's understanding of the project, evaluate the case, and survey a cross-section of the congregation about potential gifts and campaign leadership. We will also help develop appropriate financial goals and help select appropriate campaign consulting firms.

Capital Campaign Counsel

Carefully designed capital campaigns hold tremendous potential to energize the community, deepen commitment, engage those exploring congregational life, and strengthen the congregation's mission. Our focus at IGC is to design a campaign that fits your long-range goals.

Annual Campaign Design

 IGC can help create a 1 or 2-year annual campaign strategy that creates a culture of generosity and helps leaders to understand donors and the impact they want to see. We also help with developing a year-round communication plan, a multi-channel commitment strategy, and if desired, we can guide the team to secure the technical capital to implement an expanded digital strategy that widens the donor base and stabilizes income during summer months.

Legacy Giving 

Legacy giving is an essential part of funding the congregation's future ministry.  Many congregations suspect that they have the demographics necessary for a successful legacy campaign, but they do not know where to begin. IGC can assess the congregation's capacity and readiness for a legacy campaign and help develop leadership and a campaign strategy for implementation.