The Illusive Archaeology of the Exodus:  November 11-13, 2019

In  this  seminar  we  will study the sparse archaeological clues that, with a discerning eye, can be examined to reveal how life would have been during the Exodus.

Topics include:

  • Oppression and Salvation Geography
  • The Pharaoh who “Knew not Moses”
  • The Ten Plagues and Archaeology
  • The Exodus and the Red Sea
  • The Holy Mountain and Archaeology
  • The Wilderness Wandering Stories
Biblical Roots of Interfaith Conflict and Understanding: November 13-15, 2019

This seminar begins with a foundational understanding of the roots of interfaith conflict and continues with an informed conversation about possible responses and solutions.

Topics include:

  • Jewish, Christian and Muslim Hyper-Fundamentalism
  • Origins & History of Three Major Faith Traditions in the Middle East
  • The Problem of Killing in the Bible: The Struggle with Power and Justice
  • The Difficulty of Wanting God to Be on Our Side
  • Trying to Understand Those Who Hate for God
  • What Are Appropriate Christian Responses to Conflict, War and Terrorism?


Program Fees
  • Program only, one seminar: $202.00 (w/ book: $227.00)
  • Program only, both seminars: $322.00 (w/ book: $372.00)

1.0 CEU’s given for each seminar attended.

For more info
  • This seminar is offered in partnership with the Foundation for Evangelism, who have graciously offered the use of their meeting space for all workshops.
  • Contact IGC for more information about this event.