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The problem with Sunday? It comes every week!

For the pastor new to the pulpit, preaching can be an intimidating and overwhelming experience. For the seasoned pastor, preaching can become unimaginative and routine. Some preachers write great sermons but have a delivery that is as dry as unbuttered toast while others are engaging and eloquent, but offer little substance in the sermon. For every pastor, finding new ways of preaching the word while being fresh and authentic is a challenge.

We believe that every pastor can become an effective preacher, leader and disciple and we’ll show you how to accomplish those goals with less stress!

Powerful preaching facilitates an encounter with Christ, and is one of the primary ways that our churches connect with God. Powerful preaching clarifies and makes scripture relatable for the congregation. When done right, that connection between speaker and audience is the mark of a healthy congregation and a healthy preacher.

With Stressless Preaching, every preacher can learn to speak with power, authority, compassion, and love.