The IGC’s Intentional Interim Ministry Seminar at Lake Junaluska is the solution to your unintentional interim appointment.

The Intentional Growth Center at Lake Junaluska is a pioneer in Transitional-Intentional Interim Ministry Specialist (TIIMS) training. IGC is recognized by the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry as a TIIMS provider. In the past 16 years, IGC has conducted more than 80 training seminars, preparing nearly 700 United Methodist Pastors for this ministry.

An Interim Minister, sometimes called a TIIMS, is an experienced, mature, United Methodist pastor trained for the specialized ministry taking place during a set time. He/she is appointed by the bishop “for a specific length of time, established in advance” to lead the congregation in a time of healing and renewal as its wounds heal and it prepares for a new day in its life with a new pastor, yet to be appointed.

Each seminar is a three-phase event
  • Phase I is a 4-day residential event lifting up the concept of Interim ministry and introducing tools and techniques designed for the purpose.
  • Phase II is a six-month span of mentoring work at the participant’s appointment where these tools and techniques are experienced and case studies written.
  • Phase III is a 3-day residential time of reviewing and sharing case studies as a means of deepening the learnings, with a limited introduction of new material.

When is a trained Interim Minister needed?

  1. When a long-time pastor decides to retire. Interim ministers help the congregation adjust and prepare for another pastor.
  2. When a pastor dies suddenly.
  3. When there is an allegation or possibility of clergy misconduct.
  4. When a congregation has gone through a number of unproductive ministerial appointments.
  5. When a congregation is experiencing significant change or growth and needs assistance.

The shock of a change like this calls for special leadership. Trained Interim Ministers are there to help these congregations face issues in the short term which, if left unresolved, could undermine the mission of the church.

A Seminar in Your Area

For a seminar in your home area contact your Bishop or Superintendent.